The Natyka brand

The brand
made by passion

Born out of passion for dogs

Natyka is a French high quality petfood brand of dog and cat food. His founder is a breeder of purebred Siberian Huskies with international reputation. More than 200 championship titles, including International, World and European champions have been won by this passionate breeder, Olivier Schimpf. He spent several times with his dogs in the far North to travel several hundred kilometers by sled.

He knows the nutritional needs of his dogs, that’s why he wanted a very high-quality product whose principal raw materials are carefully chosen for their quality. Moreover, the nutritional contribution has to be from animal origin and not vegetable.

Natural recipes, inspired as close as possible by the natural meat-based diet needed for our carnivores to preserve their health for a long life term.  Natyka results from our passion for pets.

Our concept

At Natyka we are proud of the daily energy we invest in developing and producing our recipes to achieve high quality food. We only use healthy raw materials.

Indeed, the main ingredient of our recipes is always animal protein, meat or fish, approved for human consumption. That is our responsibility to make choices for the preservation of the health of our dogs.

We don’t use cereals, only rice, well-known for his digestibility for dogs and cats. All our products are guaranteed “GMO-free” and “gluten-free”. Based on our experience as breeders we focus on recipes where each ingredient has a purpose and a real nutritional benefit for our dogs and cats.

Holistic food is our first inspiration

Our aim is not just to treat your pet’s hunger, but principally meet the nutritional requirements in order to contribute to maintain health and well-being of your pets.

By “holistic” we mean food made from good quality ingredients suitable for human consumption, naturally balanced, and which is biologically appropriate, so that your pet can grow and develop to its fullest potential.

Food with all ingredients that are highly digestible and nutritious, low in filling ingredients (such as corn and soy) and free from artificial and synthetic substances. In short, food of superior quality.