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Semi-moist recipes
for dogs

The best alternative to BARF

What means BARF ? “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food” is a complete and carefully balanced blend of raw meat, fruits and vegetables that provide vegetable fibers.
A BARF diet significantly reduces the risk of food intolerance and allergies and gives the dog back its energy because the body does not tire of digesting food that is not adapted to its needs. Natyka is strongly inspired by it to develop the Gourmet range.

Natyka knows
what you need

Because Natyka Gourmet knows the nutritional needs of your animals, we developed this range of high protein foods of animal origin, with high content of fresh meats and of nutrients essential for the good health of your pet. The semi-wet consistency of the kibbles with a content of 18% of humidity aids ingestion and digestion. As a result, the higher palatability of the recipes will help you to make the right choice for your dog’s health all over his life.

Share passion and health

All our recipes are made in France and have been developed with love and passion, two essential characteristics of our team.

The founder of the brand is a breeder of purebred Siberian Huskies with international reputation. Twenty years ago, out of love for his dogs, he wanted to increase the quality and content of meat in feeding his own dogs and this is how he developed Natyka. Today, Natyka remains unique in its composition, its protein content of animal origin and its semi-wet consistency.

The brand that takes care
of your pet

Natyka Gourmet set as first objective the health of your dog thanks to a high content of fresh meat (intended for human consumption) and the humidity of the kibbles that is superior than traditional petfood to support digestive system.

Natyka is also very attentive to the quality and the origin of the raw materials, especially the meats used in our recipes that come from France.


Semi-moist formulas
for dogs with specific needs

  • Optimal Range


    17,90 39,90 
  • Optimal Range


    17,90 39,90