NATYKA Chicken Heart


100% natural, healthy and grain-free, NATYKA Chicken Heart treats are suitable for all dogs. You can give this treat to your dog as a reward during training exercises, or just because you like it. This will give him a strong and positive signal that he will not soon forget.

Your dog will lick his lips !

These fabulous NATYKA Chicken Heart treats are very low in fat.

You can therefore give it to your dog regularly, for example when he has successfully completed an exercise or when he is attentive to your orders on a walk.

These treats have a crude protein level of 50%. Rich in taste, these dog awards contain high amounts of iron and B vitamins, but very little fat. This will therefore keep the coat in good condition, as well as its nails and skin. Strengthen your bond with your dog by offering him these quality treats, healthy sources of vitamins and minerals.


Ingredients : Chicken heart, starch, natural glycerin

Analyses: crude protein 50%, crude fat 20%, crude ash 6%.