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Olivier Schimpf

Olivier Schimpf is the founder of the brand Natyka. A breeder with a passion for purebred Siberian Huskies with an international reputation. With his dogs, he has achieved incredible results for over 15 years.

More than 200 championship titles, including International, World and European champions. Elected as "Breeder of the year 2008" by the American magazine "Siberian USA".

Since 2009 Olivier is undertaking new projects such as unattended sledding expeditions in the northern hemisphere; who better than him could understand the dietary needs of our dogs! 

"For the Love of my dogs, I had in 1999, the idea to develop a much better diet for them than the one I usually found in the stores. Knowing the nutritional needs of my dogs, I really wanted a high quality product with a main component of animal protein instead of vegetable protein, which gives the product its richness and specificity." Adopting Natyka’s food simply means that you respect your dog.


Our aim

Our aim is to remain the way we started; passionate about dogs, and therefore we do not seek any profit at the expense of quality. We are constantly looking to improve our products, whether it is the food or various Natyka care products.

The Natyka brand and partners have established and follow a quality charter in accordance with IFS Standards Food (International Featured Standards). This charter is based on a production system which makes use of HACCP and is under continuous surveillance of the control bodies of the European Union. Our company is one of the few companies within this branch using renewable energy sources.

100% guaranteed without GMO    Made in Europe   Think green with Natyka


Our quality engagement:



At Natyka we certify the traceability of all the ingredients used in our recipes, whether it is from the birth and the life on the farm, from the slaughterhouse, to the factory production and the retail store. This also applies to our other ingredients.
All our recipes are guaranteed not to contain GMOs.
Our recipes are tested by an independent French laboratory, recognized by the French Ministry of Agriculture. This laboratory certifies that Natyka’s food carries no risk of containing pesticides and mycotoxins.
All ingredients in our recipes are certified 100% made in Europe



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