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Veterinary Rabbit

For young, adult or senior dogs

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Nutritional benefits
Veterinary Rabbit
Veterinary Rabbit
Veterinary Rabbit

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Natyka ® Veterinary Rabbit: for young, adult or senior dogs. To be sure of giving the best nutritional elements and insure your dog is in perfect health. Rabbit meat contains a low level of cholesterol and an adequate fat content, and is more than recommendable, as it helps prevent cardio-vascular disease. This recipe contains fresh rabbit meat to reduce the daily intake of cholesterol by 54% and saturated fat by 74%.

Proteins of animal orgin: 88%

Composition: Fresh rabbit meat (28% based in fresh), 26% dehydrated chicken meat, rice, 8% chicken fat, dehydrated fish meat, dehydrated chicken protein 5%, beet pulp, salmon oil, parboiled rice, 1% chicken liver, lactic acid, calcium dihydrogen phosphate, yeast, microalgae (Schizochytrium limacinum), sodium chloride, L-carnitine, chicory roots, yucca, fructooligosaccharides.

Analytical constituents: crude protein 27%, crude oils and fats 14%, crude fiber 1.6%, crude ash 7%, Phosphor 1%, Calcium 1,4 %, moisture 17%.

Content of additives in 1 kg: compounds of trace elements: Iron 153 mg, copper 21 mg, manganese 40 mg, zinc 175 mg, selenium 0.45 mg, iodine 3.2 mg, cobalt 0.23 mg.

Vitamins, pro-Vitamins: Vit. A 19.500 i.u., vit. D3 1.550 i.u., vit. E (RRR alpha tocophérol)  250 mg, nicotinic acid 60 mg. L-carnitine 500 mg. Antioxidants, preservatives.

Metabolizable energy: 340 kcal / 100 g

The Natyka Veterinary recipes contain excellent micro-algae, which have anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. These micro-algaes also help to slow down the ageing of skin, thanks to their anti-oxidant molecules (gamma-linoleic acid, phycocyanin, tocopheral, carotene, selenium and zinc) which stop the formation of free radicals. Natyka Veterinary contains L-carnitine and contributes to a better metabolism, a better functioning of the respiratory system and physical movements.

The daily ration should always correspond to the current condition of the dog, its activity level, its degree of health and the ambient temperature. Feed wet or dry. Provide sufficient quantity of fresh water together with the food.

Feeding instructions:

The specified rationing is only referential and serves as an aid for the first 4 weeks of using the food. Following this period always perform an assessment of the nutritional condition of your dog. This assessment may easily be performed by feeling your dog’s ribs – these must be easily felt under the skin but must not project.

Weigh your dog after having achieved the optimum weight. Monitor the nutritional condition of your dog on a monthly basis throughout its life and adjust the food ration as necessary.

Important note: The demand for food varies depending on the current exercise to which the dog is subjected, its age and health condition. Both obesity and malnutrition mean a risk of serious health problems!


At Natyka we have chosen to focus our attention on the best way to nourish our dogs the most natural way possible.

We follow the laws of nature, which means to respect dogs as carnivores and to nourish them with a high percentage of meat and not with cereals. Everyone can see this logic by themselves. For example: a dog will always eat a chicken, rabbit or any other wild animal but it will not go into a field to eat a cob of corn.

Who is right? Multi-nationals who impose their way of seeing, or a brand such as Natyka who respects nature and the health of dogs.

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