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Natyka Biotin Forte, 125 tablets

Natyka Biotin Forte for healthy and high quality coat, makes the moulting period shorter, help to be prepared for exhibitions, reduce hair loss and itching, maintenance the hardness of the nails and reduce the fragility of the skin

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Nutritional benefits
Natyka Biotin Forte, 125 tablets

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Natyka Biotin Forte is designed to supplement dog nutrition with mineral elements and vitamins, accentuating the quality and functioning of skin and skin derivatives (coat, nails).

Supplemental food to enhance proper skin activity.
The supplement contains substances essential for the renewal of skin and skin derivates, thus aiding to quickly repair damaged covering tissue.

+ for your dog:

  • a high level of biotin and organic zinc - creation of skin proteins
  • effective level of organic copper, manganese and vitamin C - creation of connective tissue, colouring of the coat

When should this supplement be given?
As universal support of treatment of skin diseases.

Ingredients: poultry meal, yeast, calcium carbonate, anti-oxidants (EC additives).

Declared quality features in 1 kg: crude protein 21%.

Content of additives in 1 kg: iron 455mg, zinc 4000mg, copper 845mg, manganese 260mg, biotin 4400mg
(iron is supplemented with chelate of iron and n-hydrate aminoacids, zinc is supplemented with chelate of zinc and n-hydrate aminoacids, copper is supplemented with chelate of copper and n-hydrate aminoacids, manganese is supplemented with chelate of manganese and n-hydrate aminoacids).

1 tablet / 10 kg of weight.
Tablets are to be put directly into the dog's muzzle (as far as on the base of the tongue) or fed hidden in the food (in a piece of meat or a treat). If your dog has problems ingesting the tablets, use the loose form of Natyka Super Coat 350 gr.

At Natyka we have chosen to focus our attention on the best way to nourish our dogs the most natural way possible.

We follow the laws of nature, which means to respect dogs as carnivores and to nourish them with a high percentage of meat and not with cereals. Everyone can see this logic by themselves. For example: a dog will always eat a chicken, rabbit or any other wild animal but it will not go into a field to eat a cob of corn.

Who is right? Multi-nationals who impose their way of seeing, or a brand such as Natyka who respects nature and the health of dogs.

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