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Natyka Puppy Milk, 400 gr

This instant milk for the smallest puppies is specifically intended to replace or supplement mother’s milk. Its unique formula with a high content of milk proteins, vitamins and minerals ensures the correct and problem-free growth of puppies

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Nutritional benefits
Natyka Puppy Milk, 400 gr

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Natyka Puppy Milk is an instantaneous milk for very small puppies specially designed to substitute or complement breast milk (loss of milk after caesarean section, urinary gland inflammation, numerous litter, etc.). Its unique formula with a high content of milk proteins, vitamins and minerals ensures the correct and problem-free growth of puppies.

- Lecithin for proper functioning of nerves and nerve cells and also for liver protection
- L-Carnitine for the efficient use of energy
- Natural antioxidants of the body, enhanced immunity

Ingredients: whey powder, vegetable oil, sodium caseinate, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, L-Carnitine, lecithin.

Declared quality features in 1 kg: crude protein 25 %, crude oils and fat 23 %, crude ash 5 %, calcium 1 %, phosphorus 0.6 %, sodium 0.3 %, crude fibre 0.1%.

Analytical components in 1 kg: iron 100 mg (as iron sulphate heptahydrate), zinc 40 mg (as zinc sulphate pentahydrate), manganese 40 mg (as manganese sulphate heptahydrate), copper 5 mg (as copper sulphate pentahydrate), vitamin A 48500 i.u., vitamin D3 4500 i.u., vitamin E (alphatocopherol) 40 mg, lecithin 500 mg, L-Carnitine 1000 mg.

The basic dilution ration is 1:5, i.e. 20 g of the Natyka puppy milk and 100 ml of boiled water. Start with a small quantity of water, mix until you obtain smooth pap and then add more water up to the total volume of 100 ml. Milk temperature should be 30-39°C.

Attention! The first ration of milk should be less concentrated, i.e. only 10g / 100 ml of water. Concentration must be increased gradually; the full amount should only be reached after two days!

Feed every three hours until the birth weight of the puppies doubles. The quantity of milk consumed in one feeding is individual and depends on the breed and age of the puppy. From the age of 4 weeks, start a gradual transition to the complete extruded feed semi moist Natyka Puppy.


Birth weight (g)
Week 1 : feed 8 times a day
Week 2 : feed 6 times a day
Week 3 : feed 5 times a day
After 3 weeks : feed 4 times a day

Natyka Puppy Milk should be gradually substituted with Natyka Puppy semi moist food.
The quantity specified above should be divided in accordance with the age of the puppy into the corresponding parts depending on the number of feedings.

At Natyka we have chosen to focus our attention on the best way to nourish our dogs the most natural way possible.

We follow the laws of nature, which means to respect dogs as carnivores and to nourish them with a high percentage of meat and not with cereals. Everyone can see this logic by themselves. For example: a dog will always eat a chicken, rabbit or any other wild animal but it will not go into a field to eat a cob of corn.

Who is right? Multi-nationals who impose their way of seeing, or a brand such as Natyka who respects nature and the health of dogs.

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