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Natyka Garstric, 150 gr

Designed for the renewal of the correct functioning of the digestive tract after dietary mistakes

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Nutritional benefits
Natyka Garstric, 150 gr

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Supplemental food to enhance appetite and digestion. It has a positive effect on digestive fluid secretion, the renewal of bacterial intestinal microflora and the regeneration of liver.

The supplement contains substances that calm irritated stomach and intestinal membranes, help the excretion of digestive juices, and renew the disrupted bacterial balance in the intestines.

When should this supplement be given?
Following dietary mistakes or to support the treatment of digestive tract diseases.

Declared quality features in 1 kg: crude protein 45%.

Content of additives in 1 kg: Enterococcus faecium (NCIMB 11415) 2x1010 CFU.


Effective herbal blend
Lemon balm, fennel, dandelion and chamomile? Herbs, which soothe the irritated stomach lining

Brewer's yeast
Brewer's yeast contains a hop extract

Probiotic culture
dried bacteria with positive effects on the gut
Prebiotic, which affects the intestinal bacterial environment in a positive way and removes the pollutants from the gut

The supplement contains substances that calm the irritated stomach and intestinal mucosa, helping the gastric juice secretion and regenerate the disturbed balance of bacteria in the gut.

Feeding instructions and rationing:
5-15 g daily for 5-7 days (teaspoon = 5 g), appropriate to feed even in the case of sickness or after a dietary mistake.
The product is served mixed with the food or separately.

Application time:
As long as there are digestive problems, but at least 5 - 7 days.


At Natyka we have chosen to focus our attention on the best way to nourish our dogs the most natural way possible.

We follow the laws of nature, which means to respect dogs as carnivores and to nourish them with a high percentage of meat and not with cereals. Everyone can see this logic by themselves. For example: a dog will always eat a chicken, rabbit or any other wild animal but it will not go into a field to eat a cob of corn.

Who is right? Multi-nationals who impose their way of seeing, or a brand such as Natyka who respects nature and the health of dogs.

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