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Natyka Energy Sport, 350 gr

A supplement to feed rations for dogs under strenuous physical exercise

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Nutritional benefits
Natyka Energy Sport, 350 gr

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Professional feeding ration supplement for dogs under strenuous physical and mental exercise. Increases their resistance to exercise and stimulates their performance in training. Quickens the regeneration of tired muscles and prevents the deposition of fat. Recommended for sleigh dogs, race dogs and other dogs under strenuous physical exercise. Helps to accomplish top physical performance, especially if such performance is to be prolonged, and minimises organism exhaustion.
Carnitine enhances the activity of muscles and heart.
Stimulates vitality. Antioxidants selenium and vitamin E offer protection against the negative effects of free radicals.
The trace elements are represented in a highly utilizable organic form of the so-called Bioplexes.
Contains no prohibited substances (doping).
Enhances the performance of the organism and helps to eliminate muscle tiredness; organic chrome Cr decreases the level of lactic acid, reduces muscle tiredness and positively affects energy management.
The supplement contains substances essential for the protection of muscle tissue against oxidative stress caused by intensive exercise. L-carnitine supports the problem-free breakdown of fat tissue during output, thus protecting against energy deficiencies. Probiotics and B-complex improve digestion and increase the utilization of food with high levels of fat and protein.

The + for your dog:
- High level of antioxidants - substances essential for protection and regeneration of muscles
- Effective level of L-Carnitine - substance speeding up the burning of fats
- Probiotics - dried bacteria with a positive effect on the intestines
- Vitamin B complex - enhanced digestion, protection of liver

Ingredients: yeast, poultry meal, calcium dihydrogenphosphate, Chlorella algae, antioxidants (EC additives).

Declared quality features in 1 kg: crude protein 40%.

Content of additives in 1 kg: iron 830mg, copper 80mg, manganese 95mg, zinc 1410mg, selenium 25mg , vit. A 300000 i.u., vit. D3 29000 i.u., vit. E (as alphatocopherol) 13000mg, vit. B1 70mg, vit. B2 115mg, vit. B6 60mg, vit. B12 585µg, choline chloride 13000mg, ascorbic acid 7500mg, L-Carnitine 20g
(selenium is complemented with sodium selenite, manganese is complemented with chelate of manganese and n-hydrate aminoacids, zinc is complemented with chelate of zinc and n-hydrate aminoacids, copper is complemented with chelate of copper and n-hydrate aminoacids, iron is complemented with chelate of iron and n-hydrate aminoacids).

1 g / 10kg of live weight under exercise, 2-2,5g / 10kg of live weight in the race period once a day (teaspoon = 5 g).
Serve mixed with the food or separately.

The supplement must be served for a minimum of two weeks prior to the exercise. Transition to a higher dose must be gradual.


At Natyka we have chosen to focus our attention on the best way to nourish our dogs the most natural way possible.

We follow the laws of nature, which means to respect dogs as carnivores and to nourish them with a high percentage of meat and not with cereals. Everyone can see this logic by themselves. For example: a dog will always eat a chicken, rabbit or any other wild animal but it will not go into a field to eat a cob of corn.

Who is right? Multi-nationals who impose their way of seeing, or a brand such as Natyka who respects nature and the health of dogs.

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